100 Days: Tarim Oilfield set a new record for the shortest oil and gas production time of 10 million tons

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As of April 10, Tarim Oilfield has produced 2.146 million tons of crude oil and 9.91 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, and achieved 10.04 million tons of oil and gas equivalent in 100 days, setting a new record for the shortest oil and gas production time of 10 million tons. Since the beginning of this year, the average daily output of Tarim Oilfield has been over 20,000 tons of petroleum liquids and 100 million cubic meters of natural gas, the highest in the same period of the year.

Tarim Oilfield has established a working mechanism for problem management, focusing on solving practical problems in field production, giving full play to the demonstration and leading role of key few, and promoting the four measures of "stable production of old Wells, production of new Wells, measures to increase production, and management to promote production", thus facilitating the rapid progress and good results of oil and gas production capacity construction. In the first quarter, the company drilled 23 new Wells, and the completion rate of 37 new Wells reached 100%. The average daily oil and gas production per well remained the best.


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