Zhejiang oilfield fracturing 2.0 technology to speed up and improve efficiency

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As of December 20, Zhejiang Oilfield has reduced the cost of a single well by more than RMB 1 million and achieved remarkable results in cost reduction and efficiency improvement by using personalized fracturing 2.0 reservoir reconstruction technology and post-pressure flowback technology in the construction of Da 'an deep shale gas drilling-pressure recovery project in Chongqing area.

Since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang Oilfield has taken the 100-day production labor competition as an opportunity to actively organize scientific research, design, construction, suppliers and other relevant units to set up experimental studies, taking the integration technology research of backfilling and fracturing of deep shale gas in Da 'an block as a key subject, and carrying out field tests on the technology of speeding up and improving efficiency of deep shale gas drilling in Da 'an Block.

According to the actual situation of unconventional reservoir reconstruction in Zhejiang Oilfield, the idea of using fracturing 2.0 technology is put forward. Through fracture propagation simulation and gas reservoir simulation research, the technical personnel formed personalized fracturing 2.0 reservoir reconstruction technology and post-pressure flowback technology template with the goal of improving the complex fracture network of the reconstructed volume and achieving high production by volume fracturing, which effectively supported the implementation of weight on bit of Da 'an 1H well and Da 'an 2H well, and the drilling cycle was more than 50% shorter than that of adjacent Wells. The mechanical drilling rate was increased by more than 30%, the cementing quality rate reached 100%, and "zero casing change and zero stage loss" were realized. The designed goals of sand addition and temporary plugging were successfully achieved.


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