South American customer orders a batch of sucker rod centralizers

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Our company's South American customer ordered a batch of sucker rod centralizers, the model number include CENTRALIZAD TWIST-ON /CUERPO 5/8x2-3/8, 3/4x2-3/8, 7/8x2-3/8, 5/8x2-7/8, 3/4x2-7/8, 7/8x2-7/8, 1x2-7/8, CENTRALIZAD TWIST-ON/Cople 5/8x2-3/8, 3/4x2-3/8, 7/8X2-3/8, 5/8x2-7/8, 3/4x2-7/8, 7/8x2-7/8. At present, the production has been arranged and goods will be delivered to customer on schedule.


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